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Tongeren lies in the beautiful Haspengouw. After the Alto Adige, this is the largest fruit-growing region in Europe. Haspengouw is also a castle landscape with fortresses, religious monuments and marl caves that immerse you into its rich past. With Roman ruins and medieval remains in Tongeren, Belgium´s oldest city. And above all: with friendly residents who are delighted to pamper you with the many local specialities which the fertile landscape produces.


Bilzen, the heart of the castle landscape

Moated strongholds, castle domains, beautiful country houses … For centuries, the nobility placed its stamp on this region. Did you know that over 100 castles grace the Haspengouw landscape? With the imposing Land Commandery Alden Biesen in Bilzen as the jewel in the crown. Bilzen is best known as home base of this Land Commandery, but it is also a pleasant Demer valley town with an attractive historical centre and nice shops.

More information: Tourist Reception – Bilzen – Alden Biesen, Kasteelstraat 6, 3740 Bilzen (Rijkhoven), +32 89 51 56 54, toerisme@bilzen.be, http://www.bilzen.be/


Sint-Truiden, religious monument city

Churches, monasteries, small chapels, a Unesco-protected beguinage … Sint-Truiden is the sixth largest monument city in Flanders and the largest in Limburg. The city has more than one hundred religious monuments. Be sure to visit the renovated abbey site with its panoramic tower, academic hall, imperial hall and restored crypt.

More information: Tourist Reception Limburg – Sint-Truiden, Grote Markt, 3800 Sint-Truiden, +32 11 70 18 18, info.toerisme@sint-truiden.be, http://www.toerisme-sint-truiden.be/



Riemst, fascinating marl world

Not all of the monuments are aboveground. Below your feet in the area around Riemst there is a system of passageways that stretches for kilometres, created by the centuries-long excavation of marl which began before the 15th century. Here you encounter fossils, drawings of prehistoric animals, mushroom farms and even colonies of bats.

More information: Riemst Tourism, Tongersesteenweg 8, 3770 Riemst, +32 12 44 03 75, toerisme@riemst.be, http://www.toerismeriemst.be/ 



Borgloon, fruity landscapes

Borgloon is the highest historical town of Flanders, from which you can enjoy splendid panoramic views over the fruit landscape since, together with Sint-Truiden, it constitutes the heart of the fruit-growing region. Many festivities are held during the blossom and harvest festivals from April to October and fruit farms and wine estates open their doors for guided tours. Several fruit growers even allow you to pick your own cherries or apples, ideal for getting a look behind the scenes of the fruit industry.

More information: Borgloon Tourism, Town Hall, Markt, 3840 Borgloon, +32 12 67 36 53, toerisme@borgloon.be, www.borgloon.be

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